Why Do 150 Young Athletes Drop Dead Each Year?

The evening of March 10th, Richard Peverley of the NHL's Dallas Stars finished a shift during the first period, returned to the bench, lost consciousness and collapsed. Within seconds, a nurse from the stands rushed to him amongst his terrified and wildly gesturing teammates (imagine her launching herself over the… » 5/09/14 1:07pm 5/09/14 1:07pm

Could Modern Medicine Have Saved Bo Jackson's Career?

I was too young to remember watching him play, but the unifying tone of wonderment emanating from anyone who saw Bo Jackson crack a 500-foot home run or bulldoze an obnoxious Brian Bosworth into traction has never washed with the plainness of the injury that ended his career. It doesn't make sense. The impossible Bo… » 10/15/13 2:47pm 10/15/13 2:47pm