A Brief, Evidence-Driven Look At Intimate Partner Violence

A 41-year-old woman experienced an odd feeling in a few of her fingers. It's called dysesthesia, and refers to an abnormal and usually uncomfortable sensation. There are a variety of causes, but stroke or TIA (transient ischemic attack…like a mini/temporary stroke) are in the differential and require immediate… »7/28/14 3:37pm7/28/14 3:37pm


Why Do 150 Young Athletes Drop Dead Each Year?

The evening of March 10th, Richard Peverley of the NHL's Dallas Stars finished a shift during the first period, returned to the bench, lost consciousness and collapsed. Within seconds, a nurse from the stands rushed to him amongst his terrified and wildly gesturing teammates (imagine her launching herself over the… »5/09/14 1:07pm5/09/14 1:07pm